LTC Class Shooting Range

The gun range can be the most exciting portion of the licensing process for some and the most intimidating for others. Regardless of your shooting ability or experience, my goal is to make your shooting experience an enjoyable one. I run the range in the safest manner possible. I also utilize NRA Certified Range Officers to help out on the range. Your safety will never be compromised on the range. Since this is a private range, you will only be around the shooters in the class. I will discuss range safety thoroughly in the classroom and on the range. Students will know exactly what to do while on the range.

LTC Shooting Range Rules & Requirements:

1.) The State of Texas mandates that LTC students shoot on a standard B-27 target and pass with a score of 70%:

  • Students fire a total of 50 rounds for the qualifying portion.
  • 20 rounds are fired from the 3-yard line
  • 20 rounds are fired from the 7-yard line
  • 10 rounds are fired from the 15-yard line.

2.) Students will show proficiency by accruing enough points to pass and by safely handling and using their handgun.

3.) Horse-play or students acting unsafely is not tolerated and the offender will be asked to leave the range immediately.

4.) Please be aware that this is an outdoor range and I may have to reschedule the shooting qualification part due to rain or other poor weather conditions that make shooting unsafe.

Range Equipment:

  • Safety or eye glasses
  • Ear Protection
  • Baseball Caps
  • Closed toed shoes
  • Collared Shirt
  • Handgun
  • Minimum of 50 rounds (we suggest 100 rounds) – FMJ in original box.