12 Ga 3" Nickel Turkey Loads - 5 Shot (Per 10)

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Manufacture ID: 86241

Hornady Heavy Magnum, Turkey Ammunition is a new breed of heavy magnum. Delivering a payload of nickel plated shot in a tight, dense pattern. This round features the VERSATITE wad which has a range-extending baffling system that allows hunters to achieve lethal penetration out to 50 yards. This round also has the thickest nickel-plated shot in the industry that minimizes shot deformation enabling more shot to be delivered to the intended target. Shotgun Ammo - Shot


- Gauge/Bore: 12 Gauge
- Shell Length: 3"
- Shot Weight: 1-1/2oz
- Shot Size: #5
- Shot Type: Nickel-Plated Lead
- Wad Type: Versatile
- Muzzle Velocity: 1300 fps
- 10 Rounds Per Box