1911 Government Grips - Bobtail, Ambidextrous Safety Cut, Smooth, Rosewood

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Manufacture ID: 45950

Hogue’s line of fancy hardwood handgun grips includes a dazzling array of exotic woods and grains, each one a unique work of art and fine craftsmanship, hand-finished by Hogue to a glowing, smooth polished finish or checkered, according to your preference. Your fancy hardwood grip is a one-of-a-kind, heirloom quality piece of Hogue family history, designed to create a natural connection between you and your favorite firearm. Choices for select models include Goncalo Alves, Pau Ferro, Lamo Camo Laminate, Rosewood Laminate, Kingwood, Cocobolo and Rosewood, depending on supply.


- Model: 1911 Government
- Type: Bobtail
- Style: Ambidextrous Safety Cut
- Texture: Smooth
- Color: Rosewood